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Exterior Siding Inspection

What we look for...

Construction Materials

Assessing the materials that construct your roof covering is ciritical to understanding your structure and how it interacts with the elements outside, how long it will last, and what to expect from it.

We'll help you to understand our findings. 

siding from Home Inspection

Vinyl Siding. Durable to weather and long lasting but susceptible to impacts such as lawnmowers and baseballs, which can crack the material and expose the materials underneath. 

melted siding from Home Inspection

Damage & Deterioration

Damaged siding will expose your home to the outside elements. The role of siding is to shed water, and if that ability is compromised, slow and often hidden deterioration can be begin. 

Melted Siding. This wall is adjacent to a low-e window. The heat from the sun reflects off the window and is hot enough to melt this siding. This section is prone to further damage and may be very brittle. 

Improper Installation

Improper installation can cause the siding to not server it's intended purpose, and expose the homes internal components to harsh elements. We are trained to spot installations that are not up to standards, which could lead to further damage. 

siding defect  from Home Inspection

Siding not sealed. The outlet should be sealed around the perimeter to keep water or pests from getting in. Keep in mind the caulks and sealants require reapplication every so often, so keep an eye on it over time. 

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