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Cleaning the Filters

Heating & Cooling Systems Inspection

What we look for...


Age of Appliances

Nothing lasts forever, so the first thing we check during the heating & cooling portion of your inspection is the approximate age of the appliances. We can compare with appliances' average life expectancy to provide recommendations as needed. 

An Air Conditioner label. This label shows us the serial number, manufacture date, and circuit breaker sizes 

Fuel Source

We will check the source of fuel, which is typically natural gas or electric, but may also be propane, oil, or geothermal. Each type of system has it's own pros/cons, and we'll help you to understand how your system works, and how to maintain it. 

propane fuel tank from Home Inspection

A propane gas tank. The homeowner is responsible for making sure this tank stays full, and knowing it's location, and how to shutoff in case of emergency 

oil furnace  from Home Inspection

Repairs & Modifications

Repairs are inevitable, but how they're carried out is important. Improper repairs can be cause for a closer look, while quality upgrades can bring peace of mind. 

We'll help to show you the difference. 

An oil-fashioned furnace with modern upgrades. This old style furnace has been retrofitted with a electric starter. 

Installation Defects

Sometimes things just aren't installed correctly, or are not up to modern standards. We can help you to understand the state of the property, and prepare you with the info to make a judgement on further actions.

HAC defect  from Home Inspection

Ductwork not sealed. This ducting was not sealed and is leaking air. This is leading to one room being much colder than the others. 

ORusted HVAC  from Home Inspection

Deteriorated Components 

Nothing lasts forever, and that's okay. We are trained to spot signs of deterioration and in common causes, ensuring we know where to look and how to interpret what we see. 

Rusted Furnace Duct. Ducts are prone to collecting condensation which can rust and deteriorate, often at low-spots. Here the heat is escaping through a rusted section and causing surrounding paint to peel. 

And much, much more!

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