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Modern Kitchen

Kitchen & Bathrooms Inspection

What we look for...

Age of Appliances

Nothing lasts forever, and that's okay! We can often determine the age of an appliance from it's serial number or label. We'll then cross-reference it's age with the appliances' average life expectancy to help you make an informed decision. 

dishwasher label from Home Inspection

Dishwasher label. We can get some useful info here, such as the manufacture date, manufacturer, and power requirements. 

sink from Home Inspection

Waterflow & Drainage

We will check for sufficient waterflow to each fixture, as well as drainage for sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets. This includes attached hardware such as drain stoppers, and even ensuring that hot/cold are installed on the correct sides (left/right, respectively). 

Drain plug not functioning. The pull-tab drain stopper was not connected, so the sink could not be filled.  

Deteriorated Components

We'll try to locate your main shutoffs, which are important for maintenance, and even in emergencies. 

gas shutoff  from Home Inspection

Main water shutoff. It is very important for any homeowner to know the location of this shutoff in case of emergency or water leak. 

drain slope from Home Inspection

Repairs & Modifications 

Repairs are inevitable, but how they're carried out is important. Improper repairs can be cause for a closer look, while quality upgrades can bring peace of mind. 

We'll help to show you the difference. 

Drain pipe sloped the wrong way. This drain pipe is sloping the opposite direction of the drain, and will accumulate food, debris, and will likely be breeding ground for pests and odors. 

Damaged or Deteriorated Components 

Nothing lasts forever, and that's okay. We are trained to spot signs of deterioration and in common causes, ensuring we know where to look and how to interpret what we see. 

cabinet hardware from Home Inspection

Damaged door hinge. This door hinge did not open/close properly and posed damage to the entire door. A simple hardware fix could save from an expensive carpentry repair. 

And much, much more!

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