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5 Reasons to Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

A homebuyer will often get a home inspection to verify the condition of their purchase, but it is often overlooked that a seller can reap the same benefits by getting the home inspection before the home is listed. We call this a pre-listing inspection, and can be a great strategy if any of the following makes sense to you.

  • You want to get the highest sale price for your home. A pre-listing inspection can give you the insight to address problems and maintenance proactively. Defects discovered by a buyer's inspection can chip away at your asking price, so by itemizing and addressing everything before the listing, you can control the cost and quality of work, and avoid last minute decisions made during the tight constraints of an inspection period.

  • Give buyers confidence in your home. Often a buyer may be expecting flaws to be hidden in order to maximize value, but we disagree. By embracing the flaws (which every home has btw) and if possible, showing what you had done so far to correct or repair. Buyer confidence can trickle down into the next benefits as well.

  • Stand out from other listings. There is a lot of competition to get homes sold, and even moreso as the days of multiple offers and buddings wars fade away, selling a home can be done strategically for best results, and the culmination of these benefits may allow your listing to shine brighter.

  • Easier negotiations during the sale. When you are prepared with a pre-listing inspection, there will be fewer surprises during closing. You will already be armed with the knowledge of the homes condition and be prepared, usually with the guidance of a trusted realtor, on how to make it through your inspection periods.

  • Close faster. Problems discovered during the inspection period may delay closing while further assessments, repairs, or negotiations may take place. This may be able to be avoided by taking the initiative before the listing occurs.

So there are many potential benefits of including a pre-listing inspection as part of your overall sales strategy, especially if you want to get the most value, have control over work performed, and intend to have repairs or upgrades done.

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