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Top 3 Things to Look for in a Home Inspector

When looking for a home inspector, it is important to remember that not all inspections are the same. There are sever things you may want to check to make sure you are getting the right inspector for your needs.

Below are some examples.

#1 - Ohio Home Inspector's License

Ohio requires a license to perform home inspections, which establishes a minimum level of knowledge and competence. So at a minimum, a home inspector should be licensed.

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#2 - A Great Report

Not all reports are the same. The traditional style is a long document, full of disclaimers, lots of jargon, tiny pictures, and are difficult to navigate. If you want a report that you can understand without being an enineer, that you can easily navigate to find the information you need to make quick decisions and move forward with your real estate transaction.

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We provide state-of-the-art reports that are all-digital and bring in state of the art features than make information readily accessible like never before.

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#3 - Certifications & Professional Associations

To go above and beyond the licensure standards, many inspectors will join a professional accociation, such as InterNACHI for additional training and education.

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For example, we are distinguished as InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspectors

We also have acheived a plethora of certifications in various aspects of the home inspections.


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