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Top Home Inspection Finds in Mansfield, Ohio for 2022

As we head into a new year, I reflect on the last. 2022 was full of some interesting finds and some beautiful homes. Lots of little stuff, plenty of not so little stuff, and some downright interesting stuff.

So, here are my picks for top finds for home inspections in (and around) Mansfield, OH.

Galion Ohio Electrical Inspection

1. Plugs on plugs on plugs

These plugs are a combination of homemade, altered, exposed, unsupported, and the list goes on.

mansfield ohio electrical inspection

2. Burned Outlet

There's a number of things that can lead to this, and none of them we want.

Mansfield, ohio home inspection

3. Basement Moisture

Sometimes organic growth is more apparent than others.

Mansfield, ohio home inspection

4. Rusted Electrical Panel

Water leads to rust, and an electrical panel is the last place we want to see water!

Mansfield, ohio home inspection

5. Custom Electrical

More examples of water and electricity mixing in this openly exposed outdoor electrical outlet. Outdoor approved seems unlikely.

Of course I could go on and on, but these here are top picks for home inspection finds for this year - let's see what this year unfolds!

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