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The New House

Preparing for your Home Inspection

You've got a property under contract, and you've just booked a home inspection... now what?

The 3 Parts of a Home Inspection

Inspection Day - What to Expect

Exterior Evaluation: A First Look at Your Future Home

The inspector will arrive at the scheduled time and begin with a walk-through of the home's interior and exterior, before diving in-depth into each system.

Walk-through and Q&A: Understanding Your Home's Condition

After the inspection is complete, the inspector will reserve 30 minutes to walk through the home with the client, going over the findings and answering any questions the client may have.

Systems Check: Making Sure Your Home is in Top Condition

The inspector will then move on to the interior of the home, examining each room and all of its systems and components, including the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

Final Report: Your Home's Health Checkup

The inspector will deliver a written report electronically, typically within 24 hours.

The report will include a summary of the inspection, including any issues that were identified and recommendations for further action, if necessary.

"Better to be Safe Than Sorry"

Does your home need additional services?

We coordinate with local experts to give you a comprehensive overview of your home. If your home needs any of the following inspections, please let us know

Wood Destroying Insects

Recommended for homes more than 20 years old

Septic Tanks

A thorough evaluation of the system's condition

Wells & Cisterns

A thorough evaluation of the system's condition

Water Sampling

Testing for bacteria, lead, and nitrates

Fequently Asked Questions

What does a Home Inspection include?

A home inspection covers hundreds of individual items within the following categories:

We go into further detail in the following article: What Does a Home Inspector Look For?

You can read more about the Ohio standards of practice here.

What's not included?

A home inspection is visual only, so concealed or latent defects will not be observed. We will not enter or operate anything that is deemed unsafe.

You can read more about the Ohio standards of practice here.

Should I be present during the inspection?

​Your attendance is not required during the inspection.

If you would like to discuss the inspector's findings in person, we will typically reserve time at the end to go over our findings in the final 30 minutes onsite.

This allows your inspector to get a thorough look at all components and contemplate well thought out conclusions. We have found this to be the best way to deliver the best possible inspection.

Stop. Breathe. Congradulate Yourself.

Buying a home is exciting, and you're almost at the finish line! 

We're only here for a short time during your homebuying process, but we just want to celebrate this moment with  you and wish you a congradulations fore making it this far!

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