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Corner of a Roof Gutter

Roof & Gutters Inspection

What we look for...

Construction Materials

Assessing the materials that construct your roof covering is ciritical to understanding your structure and how it interacts with the elements outside, how long it will last, and what to expect from it.

We'll help you to understand our findings. 

Roof  from Home Inspection

A metal roof. Metal roofs can last a very long time but are not indestructible. Screws in this roof appear to be too tight and have caused dimples. The dimples can be a source of water intrusion. 

Downspouts  from Home Inspection

Gutter & Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are one of the best ways to control water flow around a home. Water is a home's worst enemy, so controlling stormwater and runoff will be your first line of defense in maintaining your home's foundation. 

Tree in contact with gutters. This can damage the gutters and cause them to clog with plant material. Clog gutters can be torn from the home from water-weight, or leak too close to the foundation and risk water intrusion. 

Installation Defects

We are trained to spot installation defects on many forms of roofing and installations. Installation defects can lead to premature failure and risks leaking or voiding roof covering warranties. 

flashing  from Home Inspection

Improperly Flashed Chimney. The flashing is not correctly installed in the valley between the roof and chimney, and may be prone to leaks. 

roof damage from Home Inspection

Damage & Deterioration 

There are a variety of things that can damage a roof, from hail, to humans, and understanding the differences can help to make good decisions on a roof's condition. 

Physical damage on an asphalt shingle. This damage was likely caused by someone working. Individual shingles can often be replaced before it becomes further damage. 

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