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Wooden Floor

Walls, Floors, & Ceilings Inspection

What we look for...

ceiling from Home Inspection

Damage & Deterioration

We are trained in how to spot damage missing or damaged components, and past repairs. Past repairs can sometimes be indicative of recurring problems or improper construction. 

Damaged Ceiling. This ceiling has become damaged by water and the insulation is spilling into the living space. Conditioned air is getting pulled through and destroying efficiency.

Sagging or Unlevel Floors

Sagging floors are often a sign of damage, improper construction methods, or both. We present a thorough perspective of any anomaly and help you to understand the implications. 

sagging floors from Home Inspection

Sagging floor. This floor was sagging to the point the air was coming in the through the crack between the floor and wall. The underside appeared to be held up with a crumbling pile of bricks.

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