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Windows & Doors Inspection

What we look for...

window hardware from Home Inspection

Damaged or Missing Hardware 

We are trained in how to spot damage missing or damaged components, and past repairs. Past repairs can sometimes be indicative of recurring problems or improper construction. 

Damaged Hardware. This window hardware won't stay on. Any easy repair would get this window working again. 

Broken seals, cracks, and weatherstripping

Broken window seals and cracks can cause and foggy panes. We will look for broken glass, damaged weatherstripping, and otherwise compromised seals. 

broken window seal from Home Inspection

Condensation in Windows. Deteriorated seals around the glass can allow moisture to get between the pans and condenses on the inside. It's a sign that your windows are no longer providing their peak energy efficiency. 

damaged window from Home Inspection

Deteriorated Components

Nothing lasts forever, and that's okay. We are trained to spot signs of deterioration and in common causes, ensuring we know where to look and how to interpret what we see. 

Deteriorated Window Casing. This wood is severely deteriorated from being in constant contact with wet soil. It is too low to the ground. The water should be solved before installing a new window to keep the issue from recurring. 

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